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Beneath the stains of time.

What have I become, my sweetest friend?

Gracie Lou Freebush
15 August
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is of the female variety. has been breathing for twenty-four years. british. introvert. amateur writer. identical twin.

i like cold hands and feet. i don't watch that much tv but i'm never moderately interested in a tv show, more like obsessed. saying that, i lose interest in a lot of things after a certain stretch of time. one of my first memories is running away from home with my twin when we two. i adore horror movies. sometimes i wonder what i'll look like old and get freaked out. there's no better sound than off a record player. vinyl records are love. every genre of music has something i adore and need at certain times of my life. thinks The Rescuers is one of the best disney movies of all time. imagination is the key to freedom. cappuccino's are my weakness. i get up far too early and go to bed far too late. loves a good book. thinks the overwhelming popularity of the vampire theme to tv shows/books/movies is really annoying. it starts with Interview with a Vampire and ends with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, though I have a soft spot for the salvatore's. i daydream most of my days away; it's a nice distraction from real life. would love to play guitar but too lazy to learn.

buffy the vampire slayer. glee. smallville. supernatural. desperate housewives. grey's anatomy. gilmore girls, parenthood, rizzoli and isles, bones, the vampire diaries, the walking dead, etc.


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